We have an opportunity to promote transportation change.

With the decision of Rahm Emanuel not to run for reelection in 2019, the field is open for candidates to commit to transformative improvements in transportation access in Chicago. Here are our key goals:


We need transportation options that work for all of Chicago—South, West, and North Sides—and that meet the needs of people no matter their wealth or abilities.


We need a transportation system that minimizes pollution, helps us reduce our carbon footprint, and ensures we protect the special environment of Chicago.


We need transportation that improves our communities, builds local business, saves lives, and promotes public health.

Chicago’s transportation system.

Our city and the region that surrounds it have one of the world’s most complex transportation networks. The mayor of the city plays an essential role in running it, as the person who holds the position runs the Chicago Transit Authority, oversees most of the city’s streets, and manages the park system. We must elect a mayor who reflects our city’s needs. The primary election is February 26, 2019. If no candidate wins a majority, there will be a runoff on April 2, 2019. Here are the candidates who have declared thus far, and what they’ve said about transportation.

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